Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Baptism in the Swimming Pool

Tomorrow afternoon I will travel to Salvador with Lucy and Luis to see Morgan and Christa´s baptism. Deborah and Keith Jefferson were here in Feira yesterday and invited me to come to witness their baptism. They will be baptized in the swimming pool at the Mercure Hotel in Salvador. Like many of you, I didn´t know that they have never been baptized.

Anyway, I will go to the orphanage tomorrow, but I will leave early so that I can be ready at 5 pm when Lucy comes to pick me up. Then I will come back later tomorrow evening. I want to come back in the same day so that I can still go to the orphanage on Friday. Pray that I can get an "executive" bus back to Feira at a decent hour tomorrow night. The alternative would be a "commerical" bus that stops in every little town and neighborhood. In other words, what would be an hour and a half ride could be two and a half hours. Plus, it is not as safe because there are many people getting on and off throughout the ride.


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